Tennis provides a great deal of sports betting entertainment nearly all year long.

With huge tennis tournaments and matches played for at least 11 months, there’s never any shortage of betting action when following this incredibly popular sport.

Below are some of our best tips and strategies when betting on this lively and vibrant sport.

Establishing Form

When choosing a player to bet on, be sure to do your homework, which should include a background study of each player set to compete in the match.

For example, know how to tell the difference between an irrelevant player, and a player merely experiencing a dip in performance. When considering a dip in form, it is important to understand the reason behind the slump.

When taking everything into account, you should be able to predict the winner of the match with reasonable accuracy.

Beware Of Overvaluing

While head-to-head statistics are important, it is every bit as important not to overvalue this type of information.

For example, do not place too much emphasis on two players who have participated in the tournament during a recent period. Instead, do your homework regarding which circumstances might affect each of the players at any given time.

Make The Most Of Drifters

It can happen that a player loses motivation because of a variety of circumstances, including the size or prominence of the tournament.

This is why it’s important to focus on determining which player would be most profitable when making a bet.

Even with poor recent results, a player may still be the most profitable to bet on. Be sure to keep abreast of everything that’s happening to the player during the tournament.

Study Player-Behaviour

When betting on live tennis, it is important to take note of how players respond when under pressure.

For example, some players have better records with breakpoints than others. For this reason, it is vital to carefully scrutinize the different conditions under which players have performed well in the past.

More often than not, history tends to repeat itself.

Be Aware Of The Rules

As a sport, tennis provides a wide variety of variables when compared to most other sports.

This is why it’s so important to formulate a specific betting strategy by using strict discipline. Below are just some of the rules that should be observed when betting on this incredible sport:

  • Keep a record of all your bets
  • Keep a look-out for the so-called “suspect” seed
  • Know how to analyse the different surfaces. Most players have a preference when it comes to surface
  • Understand the concepts of serving and returning
  • Know the general rules of the game

Learn About Bets And Value

When betting on tennis, it is important to look for the best odds offering the best value for your money spent on a wager.

Tennis makes way for a variety of different bets, but not all wagers are created equal.

When betting on any sport, learn all you can about how to get the best possible value from the odds and options provided by the bookie.

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