Darts is a game that requires a lot of skill and patience to play and offers great betting action as a spectator.

Online sports betting is the best way to take part in Darts action from around the world as you can make real money wagers that feature great odds on all the major darts tournament available.

Online is the Way to Go

Darts is a great game popular around the world. It is not just played on a professional level but also in pubs around the world. If you are a darts fan, chances are you also enjoy playing the game down at your local bar.

Online sports betting sites know that convenience is a great asset to any sports bettor.

That’s why online betting sites offer members free betting software that they can download to their smartphone or mobile device. These apps allow you to quickly access your casino account and place real money wagers on a variety of great Darts events.

You can be at a bar playing Darts and at the same time place some real money darts bets on local and international darts action.

The Top Organisations

The WDF is the official body that governs dart playing around the world. They also organize official darts tournaments featuring the best players from across the world.

There are many Dart organisations that sanction events but the WDF competitions feature great venues and great talent to make it the top event for the sport.

The WDF Americas Cup

The Americas Cup is a continental Darts tournament that is held every two years. It features both individual and team dart matchups for some great betting action.

This is a recent tournament that started life in 2002, since then it has been held every two years with the current men’s champion being David Cameron and the women’s champion being Joanne Luke.

Darts Bets on the WDF Europe Cup

The WDF Europe Cup

For European Darts action, the Europe Cup is your best bet. Just like the Asia Pacific cup, you will see single, pair and team events for both men and women at this event.

It is also held every two years with the first tournament being held in 1978.

The WDF Asia Pacific Cup

The Asia-Pacific World Darts cup has been held every two years since 1980. It features singles, pairs and team events with both male and female divisions.

The cup features players from the pacific regions of Oceania. It featured American players as well before the Americas Cup was established in 2002.

The WDF World Cup

For the rest of the year, there are loads of Darts events of note that allow great online sports bets to be made.

There are the 5 WDF major tournaments but also 13 WDF category one tournaments featuring international players, 26 WDF category two tournaments and 37 category 3 tournaments that all precede the 4 WDF major international events.

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