Betting on sporting events is as old as sporting events themselves, and most sports fans have wagered on a result at some time or another, whether in a formal gambling operation like a horse racing tote, or just a private bet between friends on the outcome of a match. The proliferation of sports betting sites online, which the smart phone has made completely mobile, has opened up a huge range of sports betting options to punters all over the world. For those new to betting online, however, the sheer range available can be intimidating at first. Here are some basic factors to consider that should guide punters’ online betting choices:

The Legal Position

This is the first thing punters need to find out about. Those who ignore the law may be able to bet and even win illegally, but in the event they are cheated or defrauded by a dodgy betting site, they will have no chance of bringing a court action against that site to get their money back. Some jurisdictions ban sports betting entirely, other allow in in land-based betting shops only, and other will allow online betting, but restrict the sites punters can use, or the sports they can bet on. So the first step when getting started in online sports betting is to check out the legal position, and to only bet on sites which the punter is allowed to access.

Money Matters

Online betting requires punters to entrust their personal details, and their money, to a site online. So standards of security are also a useful guide when picking an online betting site; the best will display certifications that their security is up to date, as well as audit certificates that assure punters the site has been independently checked for fairness. How a punter moves money around online is another factor; some are happy to use their credit card accounts, others prefer online money transfer options like PayPal or Paysafecard. Choosing the right site to bet with online involves finding those that offer the safest and most convenient payment options.

Online Betting Payment

Avoiding Dodgy Operations

A little bit of research online is also a handy guide when choosing a betting site. Punters who have had bad experiences on sites that don’t play fair are quick to share the experience, so reviews online are a good way to judge a site’s integrity. Prospective punters can compare the different incentive bonuses offered by different sites as well. The best sites will have a reputation for profitable special bonuses, fair odds and prompt payouts; in many cases, the opinions of other punters are the best guide to finding the most reputable online betting sites, and avoiding the worst.

Fast, Convenient Play

Different online betting sites use different software, each of which results in a slightly different interaction with the punter. One of the main attractions of online betting is speed and convenience, so punters want to find the sites that make assessing the betting options on offer for any event as simple as possible, and also provide fast, easily navigated bet placement. In many cases, online betting sites will have slightly different platforms coded for specific devices, so assessing that compatibility is also a handy guide when choosing a site.

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