The Masters is considered to be one of the most important golfing events that takes place at Augusta every year. It is held in the first week of April and is the year’s first major golf tournament where players compete for the coveted and prestigious green jacket.

Golf fans and sports bettors around the world will find online sports betting the most convenient platform on which to bet on the Masters and there are a variety of online sportsbooks that offer reliable services, odds and bonuses. There is a wide range of betting options for those wishing to bet on the Masters at trustworthy sites.

Getting Started with Online Sports Betting

In order to sing up and register a personal online sportsbook account some basic information will need to be filled in and shared with the site. This information is kept confidential and safe from prying third parties.

Welcome bonuses are offered but not compulsory to claim. Some may be free offers like at while others may only give a percentage of the first, or first few, deposits. Either way it is imperative to have a good understanding of what the bonus is before claiming it in order to get the best value from it.

Depositing funds into the personal online sportsbook account can be done with using any one of multiple banking methods available. They are typically the safest, most convenient, fast paying and low cost options. Placing any type of bet available for the Masters tournament is then possible.

Masters Tips to Consider When Betting

It should be remembered that the Masters is the first major tournament of the year and there may not be reasonable odds of the expectations from the top golfers. Looking at their performance leading up to this event is the only way to determine certain odds.

Any golfer who has already won the Masters can participate in the event forever. This means they may not have the best performance as they do not necessarily have to strive for eligibility which makes them no chance golfers. Many of these no chance golfers only play this tournament every year so they should not be bet on just because they may have won in the past.

Common Bets to Place on the Masters

Betting on which player will win the Masters tournament is a common bet to place and can result in a big pay out. There is also an option to bet on head to head lines for the Masters. This is where two golfers are pitted against each other and the aim is to bet on the one that will prevail with the lowest score. Each player’s odds will determine the amount of the pay out.

Prop bets are varied as they include a wide range of possibilities. Prop bets can include anything the online sportsbook can think of and are popular bets to place in the online sports betting world. Types of prop bets include what the round will be the lowest, betting on whether a specific golfer will finish the tournament in the top ten or whether a golfer will finish with a top European score amongst others.

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