The United States Open Tennis Championship or US Open is one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments on the international tennis calendar. It is the fourth and final Grand Slam tennis major following the Australian Open, the French Open and Wimbledon. Each year, the tournament attracts the best players from around the world who compete for the trophy and the title in the men’s and woman’s division. The US Open takes place on the last Monday in August and held at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Centre in New York.

The US Open is the modernised version of the traditional U.S. National Championship which was first held back in 1881 in Newport Rhode Island. In 1915 the tournament was moved to the West Side Tennis Club at Forest Hills, New York. In the early years of the National Championship, the runner up automatically qualified for the Next Year’s final of the all-comers tournament giving the player a chance to avenge their loss. Six years after the first men’s championship was held, the woman’s National Singles Championship was played in Philadelphia.

The US Open Modern Format

The US open consists of five main events being the men’s singles, the woman’s singles, the woman’s doubles, the men’s doubles and finally the mixed doubles. In 1968, the National Championship competition was opened and all five events were merged into the modern version of the US Open. In its opening year, the competition attracted 96 men and 63 women from around the world with a total prize money of $100,000.

In 1970, the US Open tournament became the first Grand Slam to use a tiebreak to decide the outcome of a tied set. Today it is the only Major to use a tiebreak in the final deciding set. The tournament was also the first to award equal prize money to men and woman in the 1973 with both John Newcombe and Margaret Court receiving $25,000 for the win. In 2006, the tournament introduced instant replay reviews using an electronic computer system which is now used in every Grand Slam event.

US Open Tennis Bets

Today the US Open grounds consists of 22 courts with four show courts. In 2016, the total prize money tipped the scales at $46,300,000 with the winner receiving the trophy and a cool $3.5 Million. When it comes to tennis betting at the sites in Australia at, the tournament is ideal as it is the final of the four Grand Slams which makes it easier to predict the outcome of the tournament based on previous three Grand Slam events.

Betting option can range from basic bets to complicated exotic bets. At the start of the completion, bettors can place an outright win bet on who will be the US Open champ in the men’s or woman’s division as well as the doubles or mixed doubles event. During the tournament itself, bettors can place wagers on each individual match or whether on not a particular player will make it through to the second or third round. In each match, bettors have the option of placing exotic bets including which player will hit the most aces, which player will win the first set and how many sets will be played.

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