There are a few slot games today that are themed toward the luxury side of things and make a point to embellish these aspects of the game to bring out an otherwise incentivised experience. This Gold Factory slot game from Microgaming is not quite based on a theme of luxury but rather inherits a few factors from it while it imbues another theme style, one of mining and digging for buried treasures. This is why players will find all sorts of symbols and colours representing this sort of theme impression and creating a rather well balanced theme style on the reels. Overall this game presents well in the visual department and sets itself up for the rest to come.

Apart from the stacks of treasure and glistening metals there are a set of 5 reels on this slot game and amidst these reels are 3 rows of symbols and 50 pay lines. This extends further to accommodate a range of betting and other similar sorts of options which players will find alongside this Gold Factory slot game and as a result create a more involving game experience for everyone. There are a couple of bonuses attributed to this online Gold Factory slot game and these include free spins bonuses, a reactor bonus and a boiler room bonus, all of which play on the inherent theme of this game.

Accruing All the Gold in this Slot

With all the shiny rare metals visible around the screen the players’ path through this slot game seems pretty set. With the graphics of this game presenting the aspects of the theme with some decent competency the result of the symbols, animations and spinning reels is all quite appealing. Apart from the direct visuals at play this game can do a fair bit more in regard to theme performance, on such example includes the sound effects available on this Gold Factory online slot game and in the case of this and other factors like it the effect is rather effectively created by developers Microgaming.

On the side of symbols that appear on the reels and that the players can then exploit to form combinations thereof, there are actually quite a few rather involving symbols to these reels. Some of the symbols present in this Gold Factory slot are mine carts filled with gold, stacks of gold bullion and coins as well as various mechanical aspects like trains, ships and even a flying craft of a kind. All of these do well the process of thematic appeal and create quite an atmosphere on the reels of this Gold Factory slot.

Gold Factory Microgaming Slot

Involving Some Bonuses on the Reels

When the reels start spinning and the total effect of the theme begins to play out, like punters looking for offers in the Australian Open betting, players will likely start searching for a few of the aforementioned bonus features. Fortunately for the players involved, these are all pooled under a single triggered bonus that can then allow them access to a range of bonuses. This bonus triggers options at free spins, a reactor bonus and more, all of which add good levels of action to the gameplay breaking out across the reels of this Gold Factory slot game from Microgaming.

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