Reading is important and good for the brain. But it’s also a wonderful way to learn about new things and can even help you beat the house.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most interesting reads about gambling – books that will inspire you to want to become a better player.

Bringing Down The House

Written by Ben Mezrich, Bringing Down The House tells the true story of the six MIT students who took Las Vegas to the cleaners for millions.

It’s the story of how a professor and his team of students devised a count-carding strategy capable of winning millions. And they certainly did: all of an estimated $10 million dollars.

The author has remained true to what actually happened all throughout the book, which makes for entertaining and informative reading – and there’s a movie based on it too.

Fortune’s Formula

Authored by William Poundstone, Fortune’s Formula tells the story of how, in 1956, Bell’s Telephone Company scientists John L. Kelly Jr. and Claude Shannon devised a strategy for getting rich off gambling and the stock market.

They eventually came up with a strategy called the “Kelly criterion”, also known as Fortune’s Formula.

The pair tested their theories in several ways, including around the Blackjack and Roulette tables, and on Wall Street investments.

So reputable did their strategy become, that it was even later on picked by prominent businessman Warren Buffet.

A Man For All Markets

This book, by Edward O. Thorp, is considered by many gamblers to be the ultimate go-to book.

In his book, Thorp tells the story of a mathematician taught himself the art of counting cards in Blackjack. He then used this understanding to predict certain patterns on the stock market.

This book is a true inspiration for everybody interested in upping their gambling game by understanding the finer nuances behind the numbers.

Thinking In Bets

Written by Annie Duke, Thinking In Bets, too, considers those lessons learned in gambling that can be applied to all manners of everyday life, including the stock market.

In her book, Duke presents the reader with several solutions that may be followed when presented with multiple possible outcomes, or results.

What makes the book so interesting is that it approaches gambling from several angles, including the formulation of strategies and basic investment principles.

The Confidence Game

Maria Konnikova’s The Confidence Game is a follow-up to her acclaimed first publication, The Biggest Bluff.

Even though the book focuses heavily on Poker, it can be applied to so much more, and especially how our brains are tricked by certain situations.

The book is written in a delightfully light tone, which makes for an easy but informative read.

Molly’s Game

Written by Molly Bloom, Molly’s Game tells a true story as experienced by the author herself.

Bloom tells the story of how she had confronted the Russian Mafia, various criminals, and general characters with a questionable moral compass – all around the Poker table.

Despite never having resorted to cunning schemes or violence herself, Molly used common sense and basic strategy to make her way to the top.

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