The Arabian Charms slot machine game, created by Barcrest Software, is an online gambling experience. It features a richly realised theme based around the popular Aladdin story, with symbols designed to represent recognisable characters, as well as a delightful soundtrack.

As with all slot machine games, the aim of the game is to spin reels and create as many matching sequences as possible. Different symbols have different values, dictating payouts earned, with a few special bonus feature symbols that are the fastest way to strike it rich. For more detailed information on the possible winning sequences, please tap the help button on the user interface. The game uses a five reel, twenty play line system

Play Symbols

Spot your favourite characters in the Arabian Charms slot game play area. Aladdin and the genie are both present, and both waiting to award massive bonuses. The standard symbols are the ten, jack, queen and king of playing cards, with the same expected values. The ten is the least valuable symbol in the game, and king of moderate value. The written words Arabian Charms is the most valuable, granting a substantial sum if matching with itself the maximum of five times. Look to Aladdin and the genie, however, for the big cash prizes.

Special Feature Bonuses and Wins

Aladdin is a wild card in the Arabian Charms slot game, and will allow matches where none were previously possible. For example, a winning sequence may consist of two kings and Aladdin, which will payout the amount of three kings. Three kings and an Aladdin will payout four kings, and so on. The genie is the bonus symbol, and will trigger a mini-game if matching with itself at least three times. During this mini-game the genie will grant massive instant payouts, which will reflect instantly in the balance. Once the game is concluded, the player will be returned to standard play.

Arabian Charms Barcrest Slot

Free Play or Real Play

Like bingo at, the Arabian Charms slot machine game is available to play for free, or for real money. If wanting to play for free on a phone, first download the game by finding it in the application store. Android users may search at the Google Play Store, while Apple users should check the Apple iStore. Once the game is downloaded and installed, simply open it by tapping the game’s icon and enjoy online pokies in Austalia.

Upon the game opening, free virtual currency will be granted. If wanting t play for free on computer of laptop, search for the game and simply open it directly in the web browser. The required files will download automatically, and the game will open. In both cases, please be aware that virtual currency, although treated as real by the game, will not carry over from game to game, and will zero upon the game being exited. If wanting to play for real money, please ensure that you have an active account, you are logged into this account, and that funds are available for play. In order to deposit funds, please tap the appropriate link and provide banking details.

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