In Yggdrasil’s innovative online slots game, Incinerator, it seems like turning trash into treasure is the way to win big. But it’s not just any trash, its debris that’s floating through space!

Yggdrasil has combined the theme of garbage disposal with science fiction to create a slots game that’s as exciting as it is enthralling. The state-of-the-art graphics really do transport players to another dimension and the brightly coloured reel symbols contrast brilliantly with the dark and foreboding space scene that makes up the background. Robots, space stations and intergalactic blasts are all part and parcel of the special effects and Incinerator is a graphic-rich game that’s very easy on the eye.

Incinerator Basics

Incinerator is a 5 reel, 3 row, 20 fixed payline online slots game. The reels are set atop the foreboding background and are designed to look rather futuristic, with a metallic finish.

In this game there are only 6 different symbols and they all take the form of various different hasps of metal trash. The symbols are easily identifiable by colour and there’s red, blue, yellow, green, orange and purple rubbish that’s ready and waiting to make you a winner by lining up in a matching combination.

Incinerator also has a Wild symbol that’s represented by a metal lump with another glowing in its centre. The Wild can stand in for all other symbols to complete a winning combination, making it all the more valuable.

Additionally, this online slots game also has a Wild Pattern feature that adds to your chances of winning with every spin. To the left of the reels you’ll see the Wild Pattern box in which ten predetermined symbol patterns are cycled through. If you land 3 consecutive wins in the Pattern box when the Cascading symbols feature is active, you’ll receive one of six random patterned Wilds that will be placed on the reels during the spin, increasing payout potential dramatically.

Cascading Bonus Symbols

The Cascading bonus is a feature that’s found in many Yggdrasil slots games, and it makes an appearance in Incinerator too. This bonus is also often referred to as Rolling Reels or Exploding Reels and is known for being one of the more rewarding online.

The Cascading bonus is triggered every time a player lines up a winning combination on the reels. A payout is awarded for the current winning combo, then the symbols will all fall away and be replaced by another cascade, that fall from above. This means that there may be another chance to win, as new symbol combinations are formed across the reels. The Cascading bonus will continue until no further winning combinations are formed, and players resume playing the game as normal.

Online Slots for Every Casino Player to Enjoy

Like most online slots in NZ at, Incinerator can be played for free or real money and can be enjoyed on desktop, smartphone or tablet. This makes it all the more accessible to players and ensures that anyone can enjoy all it has to offer, regardless of their preferred platform. The RTP is set at around 96%, so those who do choose to make a deposit and play for real money stand a very real chance of striking it lucky in this Yggdrasil online slots game.

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